Buy 32 Inch LED TV Screen Protector at Lowest Price
We are one of the top manufacturers of 32" LED TV Screen Protectors in India.
Currently, we are manufacturing for many big online sellers and offline store companies all over India. 
Easy to install. Just unpack the piece and place it in front of the LED/LCD TV and tight with upper and bottom velcro belts from the back.
Buy 32 Inch LED TV Screen Protector at Rs. 1,999/- Only
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TV Screen Guard prevents damage, Scratches, fingerprints. Maintains the sharp and vivid picture quality of your HighDef TV.
Heavy Duty. Extremely strong made from nearly undestroyable optical-grade. 15 times stronger than glass.
Easy to install, ready to attach to your flat-screen TV.
The crystal clear TV-Protector transmits over 98% of the light allowing for vibrant display of colors of any High Definition picture.
Extensively tested and Designed to stay unnoticeable keeps the gorgeous look of your TV.
Reduces UV radiation from your TV.
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